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Behaves like a dropdown menu except it takes up full width of screen. Typically for use in app-bars.


namethis name is used to populate the large title to the LHS of the mega menu when it is openedStringtrue-
closeTexttext for the close iconStringtrue-
roledetermines the role of the content. If there is advanced controls such as input can be better to use role regionStringfalsemenu


  • opened - triggered when menu is opened
  • closed - triggered when menu is closed


  • default - content that is put inside the menu, to the right of the menu name. This has a scoped property of open, which will be true when the menu is open and false otherwise
  • button - the button for opening the menu. This is a scoped slot and is passed two scope params - open and clicked. open is a boolean denoting current state. clicked is a method to call that will toggle the state